Executive Management Team

President & CEO
Cancer Center Director
Chair, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Robert, Anne and Lew Wallace Chair of Translational Research
Professor of Oncology
Alex Adjei, MD, PhD, FACP
Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine
Senior Vice President of Clinical Research
The Katherine Anne Gioia Chair in Cancer Medicine
William Cance, MD, FACS
Chair, Department of Surgical Oncology
Andrei Gudkov, PhD, DSci
Senior Vice President of Basic Science
Chair, Cell Stress Biology
The Garman Family Chair in Cell Stress Biology
Richard Hershberger, PhD, MBA
Chief Academic Officer
Michael Kuettel
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Medicine
The Barbara C. & George H. Hyde Chair in Radiation Medicine
Boris Kuvshinoff II, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Quality Officer
Interim Chief Medical Officer
Associate Professor, Division of Gastrointestinal/Endocrine Surgery, Department of Surgical Oncology
Director, Liver and Pancreas Tumor Center
James Marshall, PhD
Senior Vice President for Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences
Chair, Department of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences
Gregory McDonald, CHFP, CPA
Vice President of Finance
Chief Financial Officer
James Mohler, MD
Associate Director and Senior Vice President for Translational Research
Chair, Department of Urology
Professor of Oncology
Michael Sexton
General Counsel
Chief Institute Operations Officer
Victor Filadora, MS, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor of Oncology
Chief of Clinical Services
Chief, Department of Perioperative Medicine
Director, Center for Preoperative Evaluation
Medical Director, Ambulatory Surgical Center and Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education