Gene Modulation Services Resource


The Roswell Park/University at Buffalo Gene Modulation Services Shared Resource provides a centralized, cost‐effective service that supports investigators interested in modulating gene expression. The Resource houses individual shRNAs in retro- or lentivirus vectors (140,000 for human, and 84,000 for mouse genes), pooled genomic shRNA lentivirus screening libraries, pooled CRISPR-inhibitor or CRISPR-activator sgRNA lentivirus libraries and associated dCas9 regulators, the human ORFeome 8.1 lentivirus library with 13.5K individual full-length cDNA clones, and various virus vectors expressing selection markers (e.g., GFP or puromycin-resistance) or expressing immortalization genes.


Irwin Gelman, PhD
Phone: 716-845-7681

For consultation and questions regarding experimental design, please contact Dr. Gelman.

Using the Resource

Investigators interested in Gene Modulation Services or Mycoplasma testing should contact:

Renae Holtz
Voice: 716-845-1585


The Gene Modulation Services Resource is located in the Center for Genetics and Pharmacology (CGP), Room L2-135. Hours of operation are weekdays, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.