Physician Consultations for Liver Tumors

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Roswell Park respects the relationships that physicians have with their patients and their families.

We recognize that patients look to their primary provider for care and realize that expert care in many disciplines is available locally for most patients. Roswell Park's goal is to provide care that is not available locally. Our physicians are committed to open and prompt communication with referring physicians and will entrust them with the care of their patients after treatment at Roswell Park.

Roswell Park is an in-network provider for millions of people, treating patients from all walks of life. To refer a patient, you do not need to know a Roswell Park physician or have had a previous relationship with our cancer center.

We understand the burden of long travel for some patients, particularly in the winter. With that in mind, we created a streamlined consultation system that allows us to determine whether surgical or radiologic treatments are available at Roswell Park for individual patients before they come to our facility. This process is to reassure our referring physicians and their patients that coming to Roswell Park will lead to care not available locally.

How to consult a Roswell Park Liver Tumor Center physician

  • For outpatients, contact the Hepatobiliary Patient Coordinator, Anne Abramowski, at 716-845-6185 or at
  • For inpatients, call Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Hepatobiliary Surgery Office at 716-845-5807. After hours, call Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center at 716-845-2300 and ask to have Dr. Kuvshinoff paged to your phone number. We can make arrangements to admit or transfer your patient to Roswell park 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When consulting a Roswell Park physician, we will need the following:

  • Patient name, date of birth, and best contact information
  • Most recent and prior MRI, CT, and/or PET-CT imaging
  • Most recent medical oncology, gastroenterology, and/or hepatology clinic notes
  • Most recent laboratory test results
  • Prior pathology reports

What to expect

For outpatient evaluations, our patient coordinator will work with referring physicians to collect all necessary information and present it to one of our hepatobiliary surgeons. Within 24 hours, a surgeon will directly communicate with the referring provider over the phone to discuss potential treatment options at Roswell Park. If they are in agreement, we will arrange for prompt clinic evaluation and presentation at the Roswell Park Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Conference. Correspondence of these evaluations will be sent to all referring providers.