The Roswell Difference

At Roswell Park, expect the exceptional.

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NCI designation matters.

One of a select few

With over 1,500 cancer centers in the United States, only a select few — less than 60 — are comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Roswell Park is the only one in New York State outside of New York City. It’s the highest honor a cancer center can earn, and we were among the first to earn it. In 2024, we earned our highest rating ever from the NCI — exceptional.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can expect more from an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center and you can expect more from Roswell Park. You deserve cancer care from a nationally designated comprehensive cancer center because you deserve:

Better Treatment Options Longer Survival World-class Physicians

Expect more from the latest treatment advances

If you have cancer, you need the very best treatments today, and the simple truth is that these are not available at all hospitals or from all oncologists. They are found only at NCI-designated centers.

  • Cutting-edge technology and surgical approaches
  • Promising new drugs and immunotherapies
  • Latest cellular and gene therapy breakthroughs
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Expect more from your life with better survival

Studies have found that patients who are treated at NCI-designated cancer centers have better survival — up to 25% better — compared to patients treated at other facilities. The NCI designation means we attract the best and brightest oncologists, surgeons, scientists and other experts from around the world. Better survival happens when innovation meets expertise.

Become a patient

Expect more from your physicians and cancer care team

Cancer is not just one disease; it’s more than 200 unique diseases! Each one is as different as you are and your cancer must be treated based on its unique characteristics. Whether your cancer is a rare genetic subtype or the most common diagnosis, at Roswell Park, you’ll receive comprehensive and personalized care from a team of nationally-recognized experts — surgical, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and others — who specialize in your specific cancer type.

Dr. Katherine Lavigne Mager with a patient in clinic - August 2022

Expect care to focus on you, not just your cancer

Cancer care means far more than treating the cancer. At Roswell Park, your personalized care plan will integrate treatments and services designed to improve effectiveness of your treatments and your quality of life. Services like rehabilitation and nutrition therapy, mental health counseling, fertility preservation, and more, address physical, practical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Speech-language pathologist Sarah Crance examines the throat of a patient.

Expect to be connected with cancer experts around the world

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Our elite status as an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center connects us with other NCI centers as well as the top institutions around the world. If a novel drug through a trial at another center is what you need, we will make that happen.

Expect breakthrough discoveries to happen here

Cancer cures start in the laboratory and our cancer scientists — more than 1,140 working in 175 laboratories — strive every day to find better ways to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer. Roswell Park researchers were the pioneers of many cancer breakthroughs, including the PSA test to detect prostate cancer, the lymphoma drug, Prolivy, a treatment vaccine for brain cancer, gene-engineered T-cell therapies and many more are in the pipeline. New options become available through clinical trials at Roswell Park every day.

Clinical Trials