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2021-2022 Program Handbook

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Study the increasingly complex interactions between tumors and the immune system. Identify immune-based strategies to combat malignancies. Define interactions that lead to tumor recognition or rejection. Discover the underpinnings of tumor cell biology and anti-cancer immune response.

When you join the Tumor Immunology PhD Track, your comprehensive studies will run the complete gamut from basic mechanisms of immune responses, through translational development of novel therapies, to clinical trials.

We offer a highly interactive, multidisciplinary course of study leading to a doctoral degree that prepares students for successful careers as independent investigators in cellular, molecular and tumor immunology.

Track highlights

We are the recipient of a unique NIH NCI-sponsored pre-doctoral fellowship program in Translational Tumor Immunology, which provides funds for student stipends and travel and enhances the professional development of our students.

Over the past several years, our students have:

  • Published papers in high impact journals such as The Journal of Clinical Investigation, Nature Communications, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Blood, Cancer Research and The Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • Spoken about their research in front of international experts at prestigious national meetings such as the American Association of Immunology and the American Society of Hematology
  • Received highly competitive pre-doctoral fellowships from the National Institutes of Health

Immunology graduates have gone on to careers in academia, industry and government. Recent graduates have accepted post-doctoral positions at institutions such as Ohio State, University of Texas Southwestern, Harvard Medical School, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, and Indiana University.

I found the ideal training environment in the Immunology PhD program at Roswell Park – challenging, collaborative and passionate. This environment made me confident in my expertise, which enabled me to present my work at numerous national and international meetings, as well as to collaborate with clinicians on clinical trials.
Kelly Singel
Kelly Singel, PhD, 2019
Recipient of the Roswell Park Graduate Division Excellence in Research

Program of study

Course Code Course Name Credits
RPG501 Integrated Cancer Sciences I 4
RPG502 Integrated Cancer Sciences II 4
STA527 Introduction to Biostatistics 4
RPG504 Responsible Conduct of Research 1
RPG601 First-Year Journal Club 2
RPG514 Independent Study 3
RPG599 Techniques and Analyses for Cancer Sciences (TACS) Elective Course 1
Course Code Course Name Credits
RPG503 Integrated Cancer Sciences III 4
RPG559 Advanced Immunology and Recitation 4
RPG553 Immunology Student Seminar 1
RPG565 Immunology Journal Club 1
RPG606 Lab Rotations/Research 9
Course Code Course Name Credits
RPG561 Trends in Tumor Immunology 2
RPG564 Principles in Flow and Image Cytometry 4
RPG603 Grantsmanship & Ethical Conduct of Research 2
RPG553 Immunology Student Seminar 1
RPG565 Immunology Journal Club 1
RPG608 Graduate Research 9
Course Code Course Name Credits
RPG553 Immunology Student Seminar 1
RPG565 Immunology Journal Club 1
RPG608 Graduate Research 7
Course Code Course Name Credits
RPG608 Research 1
RPG553 Immunology Student Seminar  
RPG565 Immunology Journal Club  

How to apply

If you wish to apply after the deadline, please contact before submitting an application.

Contact information

Main telephone: 716-845-4106
Fax: 716-845-1322

Tumor Immunology Graduate Track
Attn: Cindy Temple 
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
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