Interventional Radiology

What is interventional radiology?

Interventional radiology (IR) is a subspecialty within diagnostic radiology, the area of medicine that uses medical imaging to diagnose disease and conditions. Interventional radiology takes imaging a step further, using advanced medical imaging such as ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) to intervene and perform procedures such as taking a biopsy, inserting stents or chest ports, or delivering a therapy directly to the tumor.

Minimally-invasive options

Interventional radiology procedures allow physicians to use very small incisions to reach the tumor, take a biopsy and/or treat the tumor, accomplishing what otherwise might require a larger surgery. This reduces the risk and pain associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Roswell Park’s oncology-focused interventional radiologists allow us to offer minimally-invasive therapeutic options unavailable from other providers.

What does an interventional radiologist do?

Interventional radiologists are specially trained physicians who use highly advanced, minimally-invasive imaging technology and techniques to diagnose and treat cancer, particularly tumors in the liver, lung and kidney.