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Roswell Park is committed to offering LGBTQ+ patients, and their families quality cancer care. With clinicians trained to address the needs of LGBTQ+ patients, liaisons to LGBTQ+ healthcare services, and numerous clinics and services, Roswell Park does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. We provide access to sexual health clinics, cervical and anal cancer screenings, and tobacco cessation, with social workers available to help navigate all available resources for LGBTQ+ patients and visitors.

Sexual Health Clinic

The ability to interact intimately is one of the natural pleasures and joys of life. But cancer and cancer treatment can affect sexual health in a number of ways. Cancer surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other treatments may result in changes to anatomy and function, body image, libido and other factors that affect sexual life.

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Screening clinics

At Roswell Park, our detection experts — diagnostic radiologists, pulmonologists, endoscopists, urologists, pathologists, genetic counselors and others — focus exclusively on cancer every day. Whether your screening is perfectly normal, or surveillance or biopsy is needed, you can have confidence in the answers that result and access to a team of treatment specialists to determine your next steps. 

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Roswell Park's non-discrimination policy

Read about Roswell Park's effort to make cancer care accessible for everyone.

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Survivorship Program

Our Survivorship Program brings together many of Roswell Park’s clinical and supportive services, specifically designed for people like you, as you face forward and learn to embrace a new normal. We can help you manage any complications or side effects from treatment, provide services like rehabilitative therapy, nutrition counseling, and emotional support or guidance. Work with our specialists to create a plan that will be your roadmap to your healthiest lifestyle possible.

Survivorship Program

Psychology and social work

Our psychologists can provide diagnostic assessment, psychotherapy, and psychological evaluation for patients in active treatment, survivors, and family members for cancer-related distress. In addition to providing clinical services, our psychologists also conduct research on better understanding the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis and on developing more effective interventions with cancer patients. Our mission also includes education, both in providing community-based lectures and outreach and in maintaining an academic training program in psycho-oncology for psychology graduate students.

The Department of Social Work connects patients with internal Roswell Park and community agencies and resources which can address the challenges you face during your treatment. Services offered include individual counseling, discharge planning when you are admitted to the hospital, placement in a skilled nursing or rehab facility after you leave the hospital, Hospice information and referrals, referrals for financial assistance, disability concerns, legal assistance referrals, intimacy concerns, transportation, lodging, and foreign language assistance.

Psychology Social Work

Other resources

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