Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource

During the past decade, genetically modified mice have increasingly been a source of many new cancer models that have helped elucidate pathways contributing to tumor development and progression. With the completion of the human and mouse genome sequences and the initiation of large-scale efforts to functionally annotate these genomes, this trend continues to accelerate. Production of genetically modified mice requires highly specialized instrumentation and expertise not available in most labs.

The mission of the Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource (GeTT) is to ensure that investigators have access to state-of-the-art transgenic mouse technologies, methods and animal models.

The Resource Director and Assistant Director provide guidance to investigators from the earliest planning stages of the project when constructs are designed to advanced stages of the project during phenotype analysis. Resource technicians perform the specialized ES cell and embryo manipulation methods to generate the genetically modified mice. During the past 14 years, the facility has provided over 700 new genetically modified lines. Shared Resource staff have generated mutant mice on multiple strain backgrounds, generated 200 knockouts and 700 transgenics (including BACs) from 165 constructs for the five CCSG programs.

GeTT has also assisted in the development of unique mouse models that contribute to understanding imprinting and its role in cancer, regulation of important genes and two transgenic models that mimic chromosome rearrangements associated with specific human cancers. Use of the Resource has continued to increase with the ongoing recruitment into the Genetics and Genomics, Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapies, and Developmental Therapeutics programs. Projects requiring the development of transgenic mouse models are becoming increasingly relevant to validate in vitro findings, especially in light of high-throughput clinical-based findings. As such, the GeTT has seen an increasing trend in the use of the resource by clinical researchers as well as basic scientists.


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource
Medical Research Complex, Rooms 312A, 376, 381 and 381A
Elm and Carlton Streets
Buffalo, New York 14263

Operating Schedule

Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Core Grant Citation

This shared resource is funded by NCI P30CA16056. Publications should cite the Core grant in the acknowledgment section if publications use data generated by the shared resource. Two copies of the publication acknowledging the Core grant should also be submitted to the facility at Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263.