Bioinformatics Shared Resource


A key mission of the Bioinformatics Shared Resource is to provide state-of-art bioinformatics assistance for the design, analysis, and interpretation of genomics, proteomics, and other high-resolution, high-throughput based studies for better understanding of cancer biology, thereby facilitating translation of cancer omics discoveries to cancer treatment.

Services of the Bioinformatics Shared Resource include directing the design of high-throughput experiments, raw omics data processing, data analysis and interpretation, data mining and integration, assistance in the design and deployment of appropriate informatics infrastructure for data sharing and management, reviewing and preparing grants and manuscripts, software evaluation, new method and database development, and education and training. The bioinformatics expertise provided by the resource personnel ensures that the yield of useful information from the scientific studies conducted at Roswell Park is maximized while costs are minimized.

The Bioinformatics Shared Resource and the Biostatistics Shared Resource coordinate service and support activities through regular planning meetings, ensuring the CCSG investigators have full analytic coverage from clinical and preclinical biostatistics to statistical genetics and to bioinformatics, while receiving focused support on each discipline. In addition, the Resource has developed a synergistic working relationship with the Genomics, Biomedical Data Science, Pathology Network, and Data Bank and BioRepository Shared Resources and the Information Technology department to ensure coordination of experiment and analytics through the different phases of a cancer research project.


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bioinformatics Shared Resource
Research Study Center
Elm and Carlton Streets
Buffalo, New York 14263

Operating Schedule

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Core Grant Citation

This shared resource is funded by NCI P30CA16056. Publications should cite the Core grant in the acknowledgment section, if publications use data generated by the shared resource. Two copies of the publication acknowledging the Core grant should also be submitted to the facility at Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263.