Training the comprehensive scientist

You’ve been studying your whole life to help cure cancer by making new and important discoveries that advance fundamental knowledge and therapy. Working with world-renowned scientists at a world-class comprehensive cancer center is the opportunity you need to achieve this goal.

Why continue your scholarly work at Roswell Park?

Unlike a traditional hospital or university, Roswell Park is a comprehensive cancer center, nationally designated by the National Cancer Institute since 1972. We’re a hospital, a research institute, and a graduate school. We’ve been studying oncology and treating cancer patients for more than 120 years, and we’re experts in nearly every aspect of cancer research and cancer care.

During your appointment, you’ll lead a full-time research program under the mentorship a Roswell Park faculty member or a senior scholar – and publish the results.

In addition to your scholarly work, you can take advantage of advanced career development workshops, graduate-level teaching opportunities, and technology transfer.

Through the Alliance Scholars Program, you can create your own training – and fast-track your career into independent research or a faculty position.

World-class facilities and technology

The specialists and technicians in our shared resources and laboratories will be your lifeline to the cutting edge data and technology you’ll need during your investigations.

Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination (CRTEC)

CRTEC is responsible for a portfolio of immersive cancer research experiences for students, postdoctoral training, residency and internship programs.

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Eligibility & policies

  • Candidates for a postdoctoral position must have an advanced degree (PhD, MD, MD/PhD, or ScD) awarded within the last five years.
  • The postdoctoral appointment is a temporary (term) appointment with a primary purpose of providing additional research or scholarly development and training for a career in science.
  • The Chief Academic Officer for Educational Affairs is responsible for monitoring postdoctoral policies to assure consistent application of those policies across the institution.

Frequently asked questions

Our postdoctoral stipends are based on National Research Service Award (NRSA) levels adjusted for the low cost of living in Buffalo and the number of years of prior experience you have.

Yes. However, we recommend that you have 4 or fewer years prior experience if applying for a second postdoctoral position.

Yes, as long as you have a graduation date determined by your dissertation thesis committee and will be starting your Post-doctoral position after that time.

Your mentor will send you an offer letter. After accepting the offer, the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars will schedule an entrance interview with you. At this interview you will receive information about orientation meetings and immunization requirements.

Along the way, the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars will provide guidance in your transition into the program.

Meet our team

The Scientific Postdoctoral Program Office is responsible for conducting entrance interviews for incoming post-doctoral scholars; coordinating and initiating workshops and programs for skills enhancement and addressing other issues concerning members of the Post-doctoral community at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.