Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons will correct body changes caused by cancer treatment

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Some cancer patients may need or want plastic and reconstructive surgery to correct body changes caused by cancer treatment. Our plastic surgeons can preserve or restore both physical appearance and function regardless of which part of your body is affected. They will work closely with your Roswell Park cancer care team or surgeons from other centers to create a treatment and reconstruction plan that meets your needs and preferences.

They are highly skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques, including microsurgery and tissue transfer — for example, bone, skin or muscle — from other body areas. They can offer solutions for a broad range of complex problems related to cancer, the delayed effects of radiation treatment, pressure ulcers or trauma.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is used most often for these types of cancers:

  • Breast (Learn more)
  • Head and neck (Learn more)
  • Gynecological or pelvic
  • Sarcoma
  • Skin cancers and melanoma

Our Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery team can:

  • Reconstruct areas of the head and neck to improve your appearance or restore speech and swallowing
  • Reconstruct the breasts after mastectomy using implants or your own tissues
  • Perform a variety of breast surgeries to optimize breast size and symmetry — for example, breast reduction, breast lift, implant placement
  • Reconstruct the nipple and areola (the dark area around the nipple)
  • Remove or replace breast implants
  • Reconstruct chest wall defects resulting from cancer surgery
  • Rebuild pelvic structures after treatment for colorectal, vaginal, cervical or penile cancer
  • Perform fat graft injections to improve problems related to radiation or scars
  • Preserve limbs and/or their function after trauma or cancer surgery
  • Transplant lymph nodes to reduce swelling and other symptoms of lymphedema
  • Improve neuropathy caused by nerve surgery
  • Restore facial movement and improve your appearance after paralysis caused by injury, surgery or illness
  • Treat complications after orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, such as exposure of hardware and bone

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Meet the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Team