Paying for Cancer Care

What will your cancer treatment cost? It’s complicated, but our financial counselors do this every day. We can help estimate what charges to expect, find the assistance and resources you need, and let you focus on fighting your cancer.

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We know that the stress and worry about paying for cancer care can be as difficult as receiving your diagnosis. Cancer is a serious disease and its treatment can be costly. But what you ultimately pay will depend on many factors, including whether you have health insurance (and which plan) or not, as well as the type of treatment and services planned for you. Roswell Park is committed to doing everything in our power to ensure you get the cancer care you need. What’s important is that you do not sacrifice receiving the highest quality, most comprehensive care possible because of the cost. Yes, it’s complicated, but we can help.

Jonathan Neumeister, Vice President, Clinical Practice Plan, answers common questions when it comes to paying for cancer care.

Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance plans are not equal. Learn what it means if Roswell Park is out-of-network for your insurance plan and how you can make changes.

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Your Insurance & Bill Payment

Learning whether you’re covered, and what your plan pays for (and what it doesn’t) is your first step.

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Charges for Services

What you need to know about how your cancer care from Roswell Park is billed.

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New York State Public Health Law PHL § 2830 requires hospitals to provide written notice to patients prior to charging them for facility fees.  A Facility Fee is any fee charged or billed by a hospital authorized under Title Eight of the Education Law that is: (a) intended to compensate the hospital for the operational expenses regardless of the modality through which the health care services are provided; and (b) separate and distinct from a professional fee. As a patient of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, facility fees are applicable in a hospital setting and you will be billed and responsible for these fees. 

To learn your estimated out-of-pocket charges for specific services, you may access the secure, cost-estimation portal. If you use this tool, it’s important to note the following:

  • These estimates are averages based on historical data from our patient database. Every patient’s care and requirements are unique. Your actual costs will be based on your specific needs and experience with us. We encourage you to call our Financial Counselors for assistance in further refining your estimate.
  • Any change to your care throughout your course of treatment will likely change the estimated cost.
  • Roswell Park offers financial need-based copay assistance programs. Please call us at 716-845-4782 if you need assistance with meeting your copayment obligations.
Charges for services