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Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

The Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics offers collaborative and consulting services at the interface of biology, medicine, statistics, mathematics and computer science. The staff has ...

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Cancer Genetics and Genomics

The Department of Cancer Genetics and Genomics, through the investigation of the various mechanisms that cells adopt to become cancer cells, is dedicated to improving our understanding of mechanisms and pathways ...


Cancer Prevention and Control

The Department of Cancer Prevention and Control includes research that spans the cancer continuum, from understanding the causes of cancer for prevention and targeting of high-risk populations, identifying markers for early detection and diagnosis, and to understand and prevent factors that impact cancer morbidity and mortality.

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Cell Stress Biology

The Department of Cell Stress Biology is comprised of seven major research laboratory units, located in close proximity to each other on the campus of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Department is also closely associated with two important technical resources, the Biopolymer Resource and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Resource.

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Health Behavior

The Department of Health Behavior is focused on understanding all areas of tobacco control. This includes research into the components of tobacco products, documenting and understanding tobacco marketing, and influencing and assessing the impact of tobacco control policies regionally and nationally.

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The long-range goal of the research program in the Department of Immunology is to determine whether i) the limited efficacy of immunotherapy of malignant diseases is caused by the escape mechanisms utilized by tumor cells to ...

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IT Research Computing

The IT Research Computing Department promotes the use of advanced computing and computational science to enable and accelerate research throughout the Roswell Park campus.

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Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research of members of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department focuses on elucidating the mechanisms driving normal differentiation and development in mammals and understanding the genetic ...

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Oral Oncology

The Department of Oral Oncology was recently created to integrate and advance all basic, translational and clinical research focused on the prevention, detection and treatment of oral & head and neck cancers.

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Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is comprised of 17 independent research laboratories with a collective focus on a multidisciplinary approach to experimental cancer therapeutics. Departmental faculty have varied and overlapping research goals...

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