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To eliminate cancer’s grip on humanity by unlocking its secrets through personalized approaches and unleashing the healing power of hope.

We will do this by:

Pioneering promising therapeutic breakthroughs, using them to zero in on the most effective treatment for each patient, and sharing them with the world.

Committing in every situation, and every decision we face, big and small, to choose our words and actions based solely on the needs of each patient, and nothing more.

Actively seeking ways to share, inform, support and inspire each other, our patients, and our community — so that collectively, we go well beyond the expected.

Loudly, proudly sharing every success with the world, so more of the patients and families who need us, the dynamic people who want to join us, and those who want to support us, know the ongoing miracle that is Roswell Park.


To free our world from the fear, pain and loss due to cancer — one act of compassion, one breakthrough discovery, one life-changing therapy at a time — until cancer is gone.

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The inspiration

Our new logo was inspired and designed by cancer survivor Shasti O’Leary Soudant. Shasti sought to create something that reflects the hopeful, wishful, welcoming feeling that she experienced here. It’s more than a logo. It’s a promise. A promise to unleash the healing power of hope for every single patient and family who enters our buildings.

It’s The Roswell Way … Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Roswell and places like it saved my life. That intensely personal experience of pride that I feel is so much more meaningful because of who it is for.Shasti O’Leary Soudant


Core values reflect what is most true and important to us as an organization.

These are values that have shaped us and will continue to – they do not change given circumstances or time but rather are consistent throughout our mission areas. Roswell Park is a special place to work and the staff and faculty who live these values have made it so. These values will guide and power our personal and collective actions and enable future successes on behalf of individuals and the world.

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We are driven to provide care that cures and comforts, research that informs the world, and education that enlightens and enables future generations. We proudly stand on our rich history and use it as a platform from which to embrace discovery and change.


We are devoted to achieving extraordinary progress on behalf of those we serve; patients and families who come to us during times of great need, scientists and clinicians who wish to collaborate, students seeking education, the science of cancer that awaits our contributions, and the community that deserves strong stewardship and economic leadership.


We are committed to making each decision, whether related to patient care, research, education or administration, based on standards that are thoughtful, informed, honest, transparent when appropriate and always respectful of privacy.

Compassion and respect

We are enriched by the diverse cultures, needs, and expectations of our coworkers and of the communities we serve. It is our privilege and responsibility to appreciate these differences as we establish research goals, develop care plans, and interact with one another.


We value and encourage the viewpoints and constructive opinions of all people and disciplines and recognize that all contributions strengthen the results we achieve, the value we provide, the actions we take and the team we strive to be.

Quality and safety

We believe quality and safety must be at the forefront of all our decision making. We integrate quality and safety into all that we do. We deliver care that seeks to eliminate all harm from patients and employees.