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CIMAvax Vaccine

Roswell Park has launched the first clinical trial in the U.S. to study the CIMAvax-EGF ® vaccine, a lung cancer treatment. Learn more about CIMAvax.

A clinical trial is a study designed to evaluate a promising new medical treatment. It includes research done to evaluate new ways to prevent and diagnose and/or treat cancer. At Roswell Park, up to 50% of our patients are eligible to enter clinical trials. Many types of treatment can be tested including:

  • New ways of preventing cancer such as drugs, diet, and/or exercise
  • New drugs to treat cancer
  • New ways to use existing treatment such as surgery or radiation therapy

When clinical trials identify new and effective treatments, these treatments will eventually become the new standard of care that will be offered to future patients. Today’s standard treatments were researched and proven by clinical trials done in the past.

Should I participate in a clinical trial? (Learn more about clinical trials from the NCI.)

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