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We host activities and events for all members of our Young Adult Program, as well as their families and friends. Check out our calendar and join us for an event soon!

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Comprehensive cancer treatment and care specifically for patients and survivors in their 20s and 30s.

If you are facing a cancer diagnosis in your 20s or 30s, you need specialized cancer care that can only be provided by a comprehensive cancer center. Not only do you have a rare cancer, but you are a rare patient and the disease impacts you in physical, emotional, social and practical ways that are different from other patients.

At Roswell Park, our Young Adult program offers nationally-ranked comprehensive cancer care, plus support and services specifically designed to help you and your family now — and for years to come. Call or text us at 716-341-3451 to learn more!

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Why Roswell Park for your cancer treatment?

You need a comprehensive cancer center. Your cancer is a rare cancer and you need diagnosis and treatment from providers who see rare cancers like yours in patients like you every day. Roswell Park is the state’s only comprehensive cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute outside of New York City.

What sets us apart?
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What is the Young Adult program?

We know that cancer was never part of your plan — and especially not now. We know what it’s like to face cancer while in college, building a career or raising a family. We know what it really means to have cancer interrupt your life, and we can help.

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Social support & networking

We are a network of patients and survivors with one thing in common: we were diagnosed with cancer as young adults. Connect with us to learn about our upcoming social events, speakers, wellness workshops, support groups and networking opportunities.

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