Individualized education. Diversified training. Globalized treatment.

From bedside clinical practice to sophisticated laboratory projects, the Office of International Collaboration in Oncology (OICO) at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center develops medical oncology training programs for practitioners and health care providers around the world.

OICO trainees work side-by-side with Roswell Park faculty, physicians and technicians. The trainees return home with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully diagnose and treat oncology patients of all kinds, prepare for a residency or fellowship, manage a clinic, or conduct translational research.

Since its inception, the OICO has successfully established international collaborations with multiple worldwide agencies, hospitals, cancer centers and universities.

How it works

When an applicant connects with OICO a unique and customize curricula or training plan that fits the applicant's qualifications will be created. Multiple training programs are offered and can be customized to meet the training objectives of the applicants and their supporting agencies. 

OICO covers six core training experiences.

Charted OICO Training Programs - full description listed below for screen readers
  • Clinical Hands-on
  • Clinical Fellowships
  • Residency Preparation
  • Post-doc Fellowship
  • Clinical Electives
Supportive Services
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Procurement and BioBank
  • Oncology Cytogenetic
  • Immune Analysis
  • Oncology Genomics
  • Pharmacy Training
  • Infectious Disease
  • Cancer Prevention / Control
  • Surgical Pathology
  • Nicotine / Tobacco Assessment
  • Clinical Training
  • MS Nursing Degree
Graduate Education
  • MS (Cancer Sciences)
  • PHD (Cancer Sciences)
  • Post-doc Fellowships
  • Laboratory Training
  • Research Electives

These customizable programs are individually tailored and diversified to fit the needs and qualifications of the trainees. The duration of the training programs range from several weeks to five (5) years and depends on the request and type of training.

The OICO provides administrative oversight of these training programs, coordinates visa acquisition, establishes training policies, help trainees with transition and adaptation to daily challenges, identifies and locates resources and monitors the progress of training.

At the completion of a program, participants earn a certificate of training from Roswell Park or an official degree from the partnered university with a Roswell Park certificate of training, if applicable.

Prerequisites to all programs

  • Home institute/country, sponsoring university, hospital, government agency or the candidate (if self-supporting) will supplement Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center with all applicable training costs. This may include visa and immigration costs, the candidate's salary, fringe benefits, indirect cost, tuition and direct training cost. The applicability of these costs depends on the selected training program, type of visa, acceptable alternative benefits and duration of training.
  • The cost of living is the responsibility of the candidates.
  • Proof of financial support is required for all training programs. This proof can either be a financial support letter from the candidate's sponsoring agency or a recent copy of the self-supporting candidate's bank statement with a confirmation letter of self-support.
  • English language proficiency is required for all training programs.
  • Health insurance coverage is required for the entire duration of any training program and must be provided by the sponsoring entity or the self-supporting candidate.
  • Proof of health clearance and vaccination records are required for all training programs.

Frequently asked questions

Applicants should submit an online application to be considered and reviewed for a training opportunity.

The total costs are variable, and they depend on the selected training program, type of visa, acceptable alternative benefits and duration of training.

The duration ranges from one (1) month to five (5) years, which depends on the request and the type of training program.

It depends on the chosen program. Some training programs have flexible start dates, others have specific start dates.

A certificate of training will be issued after satisfactory and successful completion of the program. If you are enrolled in a degree program, an official degree will be issued by the partnered university.

OICO will share a list of available accommodations for short-term or long-term stay.

OICO will give accepted trainees a training guide that lists schools, shopping centers, restaurants, religious places, governmental services, activities, social and local community events in the city of Buffalo.


OICO will guide you through the process and the required paperwork.

How to apply

To get started, please complete and submit our request for information form:

OICO online application form

Trainees' Accomplishments and Highlights

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Contact us

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Rami G. Azrak, MD
Director of International Collaborations
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