Translating scientific discoveries into patient therapies 

Roswell Park is focused exclusively on cancer treatment and research — and we know it takes external business relations to take new treatments from the bench to bedside.  

Our Office of Technology Transfer works with basic and clinical researchers to assess market opportunities, secure intellectual property protection, negotiate partnering/licensing arrangements, and assist in the commercialization process. 

What we do

  • Evaluate commercial opportunities and market potential for new intellectual property. 
  • Protect Roswell Park intellectual property through patent applications and prosecution and copyright registration. 
  • Market intellectual property. 
  • Negotiate license agreements and options. 
  • Execute crucial agreements, including interinstitutional, industry collaboration, technology development, and academic research collaboration. 
  • Review intellectual property language in material transfer, sponsored research and clinical trial agreements. 
  • Assist Roswell Park inventors in identifying funding opportunities for technology development. 
  • Monitor licensee compliance. 
  • Track milestones and collect royalties. 
  • Distribute payments to inventors and authors, labs, departments, centers, institutes, and departments. 
  • Support new startup activity and entrepreneurship. 

Technology development 

The Office of Technology Transfer matches campus inventions with potential sponsors or licensees. We make sure that all discoveries are properly protected and pursued to their full developmental potential. 

Our centralized office maintains standard agreements for sample transfer, collaborations, options, and licenses — with the ultimate goals of rapid transfer of technology to industry. 

Roswell Park retains the right to use licensed technologies internally for educational and research purposes and to publish and disseminate results from such additional ongoing research work. 

Income from up-front payments, purchases of tangible research property, option and license fees, and royalties negotiated with Roswell Park are distributed according to a formula defined in the Roswell Park Patent Policy. 

Partnering with Roswell Park 

Roswell Park is willing to meet with any interested commercial parties to discuss opportunities for the transfer and/or development of technologies from the lab or the clinic to the marketplace. 

Industrial representatives may contact the Office of Technology Transfer to receive further information on partnerning with Roswell Park in the advancement of our innovations, on technologies available for license, to schedule on-campus visits and presentations, or to meet with faculty researchers. 

Contact us

For general inquiries and licensing Information: 

Patrick Emmerling, PhD, MBA, CLP 
Director, Technology Transfer and Commercial Development 
Phone: 716-845-1300, ext. 6955

For material transfer agreements: 

Kristen E. Hoffman 
Senior Paralegal – General Counsel and Compliance 
Phone: 716-845-3010

Mailing Address: 

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center 
Office of Technology Transfer and Commercial Development 
Elm and Carlton Streets 
Buffalo, NY 14263