Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Roswell Park is focused exclusively on cancer research. Our 280 clinicians and researchers have a single-minded mission to understand, prevent, and cure cancer.

Roswell Park recognizes that it takes external business relationships to ultimately translate its discoveries into useful patient therapies; and actively encourages these agreements. Explore our inventory in the Technology Directory. To discuss licensing opportunities, contact our Technology Transfer Office today!

Featured Technologies

mTOR Inhibition for Enhancing Cancer Vaccines - Recruiting the immune system to target cancer is attractive. The immune system is capable of recognizing tumor-specific antigens and eradicating diseased cells while sparing normal tissue. We have developed a method for enhancing the activity of cancer vaccines. The method consists of administering a cancer vaccine and an mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) inhibitor such as rapamycin and temsirolimus to an individual. Roswell Park has a current Phase I clinical trial in process using rapamycin to enhance NY-ESO-1 stimulation of isolated dendritic cells re-introduced into cancer patients.