Our mission

The mission of the Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination (CRTEC) program at Roswell Park is to develop the next generation of cancer research professionals through the coordinated implementation of rigorous training and career development programs with a strong commitment to building diversity, equity and inclusion. As the coordinating hub for all educational programming at Roswell Park, CRTEC is responsible for a portfolio of immersive cancer research experiences for students, postdoctoral training, residency and internship programs, as well as faculty and career development programs.

CRTEC Pipeline

Educational opportunities

Commitment to diversity


  • Increase underrepresented minorities (URM) participation at all levels
  • Holistic admissions
  • DEI training for trainees and mentors

Community Outreach & Education (COE)

Expand our current diversity pipeline by building relationships and new partnerships in the community

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  • Plan to enhance diversity
  • Integrate DEI best practices

In the news

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Mukund Seshadri, DDS, PhD
Associate Director, Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination
Professor of Oncology
Dr. Jamie D. Smith
Chief Academic Officer
Associate Director of Education
Peter Frederick, MD, FACOG
Associate Professor of Oncology
Associate Dean, Graduate Education
David Goodrich
Distinguished Professor of Oncology
Associate Dean, Postdoctoral Education
Adam Kisailus, PhD, MBA
Associate Dean, Educational Affairs
Julie Carter, PhD, EdM
Assistant Dean, Academics and Partnerships

Contact us

Jamie Sobieski, MBA
Program Coordinator, CRTEC
Phone: 716-845-2934
Email: Jamie.Brooks@RoswellPark.org