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Stained tissue samples

The Advanced Tissue Imaging Shared Resource (ATISR) at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center uses complex biomarker panels to elucidate the tumor microenvironment (TME) in various forms of cancer by employing TSA Opal multiplex immunofluorescent staining (mIF). This process allows us to produce data with both qualitative and quantitative veracity; we deliver phenotype counts without losing their morphological context in the TME. This is possible due to the unique mIF method paired with the power of AKOYA’s inForm quantitative phenotyping software. Additionally, our new acquisition of the NanoString GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiler expands our research opportunities to the novel field of spatial genomics, offering whole transcriptome and RNA sequencing while preserving the morphological integrity.

We provide services to investigators at Roswell Park, as well as other cancer centers, academic institutions and private biomedical companies. Investigators are encouraged to consult with our staff as early as possible during the planning phases of their project or grant development. Proper slide preparation is vital to successful outcomes. By starting discussions early, ATISR can advise on proper sample preparation and handling prior to any requests for cutting slides.

For all new requests, please complete the Initial Inquiry Form and submit to Vectra@RoswellPark.org. The Shared Resource will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your project. ATISR provides one introductory and one data delivery consultation free of charge, additional communications will be billed to the project as needed.

ATISR Vectra Workflow


Custom panels are available upon request. ATISR requires any biomarkers to have a commercially available IHC validated antibody for panel inclusion. Panels can consist of six (6) or eight (8) biomarkers plus DAPI.

Leica BOND RXm Fully Automated Stainer
Leica BOND RXm Fully Automated Stainer

This fully automated slide stainer allows ATISR to run conventional DAB IHC, as well as complex multiplex fluorescent staining in a timely and highly reproducible manner. This resource is used in the optimization and staining of vectra panels, as well as the initial staining step of the RNA assays used for the NanoString DSP.

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AKOYA PhenoImager HT
AKOYA PhenoImager HT (formally Vectra Polaris)

This anatomical scanner delivers high throughput images from both brightfield and multispectral fluorescent staining. It allows for full slide unmixed images for 6 plex fluorescent panels. In addition, we can expand panels to 8 plex and deliver unmixed annotated regions of interest (ROI).

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NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)
NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)

This digital spatial profiler has the capability to run both mouse and human whole transcriptome assays (WTA) or human cancer transcriptome assay (CTA) on FFPE tissue, while retaining morphological context of the tissue. Tissue is stained with basic morphology markers to identify tumor and stroma and then ROIs are selected by the investigator, with guidance from our pathologist. Once the UV cleavable tags have been retrieved from the ROI and sequenced, read counts from that specific ROI are available for analysis.

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Project estimates are available upon request. Please complete the Initial Inquiry Form and email to Vectra@RoswellPark.org.

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This shared resource is funded by NCI P30CA16056. Publications should cite the core grant in the acknowledgment section if publications use data generated by the shared resource.