Center for Immunotherapy

The Next Great Advance in Cancer Treatment is Here

Whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer or in remission, we are making discoveries every day to harness the power of your immune system to help you in your fight against cancer.

What is the Roswell Park Center for Immunotherapy?

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Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

As one of only 40 elite universities and cancer centers in the United States in the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN), we offer you options beyond standard cancer treatments through innovative therapies and clinical trials to prevent cancer from recurring or stopping it in its tracks.

Unsure a clinical trial is right for you? See why it's a great option!

CFI By The Numbers

1 of 40 elite universities and cancer centers in North America to make up the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network

8 immunotherapy research laboratories

3 core facilities, all in one location

Unlimited potential for better, lifelong cures for all cancer patients

Immunotherapy Team

At the Center for Immunotherapy, our multidisciplinary team works to create breakthrough cancer treatment options and cures, through cutting-edge research, advanced clinical trials and a customized, patient-centered approach to care.