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February 2018

Today many people are concerned about the risks of taking opioid medications on a long-term basis. But if you're living with chronic pain, what are the alternatives?

These steps can help reduce the chance that flu germs will spread.
Life Recorded gives you the opportunity to be the star of a 40-minute audio or video recording — free of charge.
While cancer isn’t funny, when laughter and humor are combined with treatment, they might be the best medicine to help you through this difficult time.
One evening Andrew noticed a new volunteer who was bald and had an accent. Little did he know she was his future wife.
The girls wanted to raise money for breast cancer research to honor their coach's wife. "The next thing we knew, it lit up like wildfire."
We invite you to join your fellow caregivers as we explore the many benefits of listening to others’ stories and sharing our own.
High school students from across Western New York are teaming up for a 12-hour dance marathon to benefit cancer research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park.

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