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March 2019

When you’re a teenager, your whole life is in front of you. Luci Takas was a varsity swimmer, an avid skier and CrossFit athlete. Then something didn’t seem right.

Participants eat, dance, talk and laugh, ring cowbells and wave flags. They also take groundbreaking research to the next level, and fund programs and services that make life a little easier for our patients.
Studies indicate that qi gong and the related practice of tai chi "show promise in addressing cancer-related symptoms and quality of life in cancer survivors.”
Advance blood draw is available at five convenient locations.
In many patients, the ostomy is temporary and can be reversed after the intestines have healed. This surgery is less complicated than the original surgery.
Can you learn anything from a cancer diagnosis? Some of our Facebook followers say yes — and share their insights.
One of Dr. Guru's goals was to use the gallery as a laboratory, to determine scientifically whether viewing artwork could help patients heal physically, psychologically and emotionally after cancer surgery.

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