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July 2019

Major studies have shown that long-term survival rates are 6-20% better overall for patients who are treated from the beginning at NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers, compared with those treated at other teaching hospital or community cancer centers.

This year’s event features topics tailored to those who are still in treatment, those who have finished treatment, long-term survivors, young adult cancer patients and caregivers. You'll be able to select four breakout sessions on topics ranging from medical marijuana to acupuncture, laughter yoga, abstract painting, and fad diets & food myths.
"Six to 10 years ago, I might have been told I didn’t have long to live. But today, I can share with others that there’s hope.”
Some survivors report feeling a type of “guilt” when their friends or acquaintances do not have the same outcome that they did. We asked our Facebook followers to share their experiences with these emotions.
In the U.S., tens of millions of people — about one in three of us — use the internet to seek health information. Searching is the easy part. The challenges come with the results.
Caffeine can raise your blood pressure and body temperature — and too much can cause unpleasant side effects. Here's the lowdown on your daily "cup o' joe."
It's a day of fun and friendship for TCT alumni — and it's free.

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