"It is with great sadness that we witness recent national incidents of violence and racial injustice in our country. Roswell Park has always been a place of healing and hope, committed to justice, fairness and love for our fellow person. We strongly affirm our stance against these cruel and senseless injustices that have affected Black Americans so deeply. We boldly reject any and all forms of racism, while at the same time, doing all that we can to promote health, peace and collaboration.

In these times, it is important not to remain silent. In doing so, it is possible to perpetuate the injustices that have existed among Black Americans, as well as many other groups. At Roswell Park, we are a patchwork of cultures and a family of different individuals, all bringing our full selves to work each day for the benefit of our mission."

Candace Johnson, PhD
President & CEO

Roswell Park is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and we are proud of the people, programs and processes that have enabled us to meet and exceed our goals. Our differences are our strength.

Did You Know?

Roswell Park has achieved an increasingly diverse workforce through conscientious and proactive efforts.

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Diverse Workforce

Roswell Park is proud to be listed as one of Forbes Best Employers for Diversity. The unique qualities of our employees are just some of the reasons why we love what we do!

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Community Outreach and Education

Community relations are central to Roswell Park’s vision, values and mission.

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Celebrating Eva Noles

The first African American woman to train and graduate as a registered nurse in Buffalo, NY.

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Indigenous Communities

Roswell Park is committed to reducing the impact of cancer on Indigenous communities regionally, nationally and internationally.

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