Supplier Diversity

Roswell Park Cancer Institute encourages opportunities for minority business enterprises (MBE), woman-owned enterprises (WBE), small businesses and other disadvantaged business programs.

The MWBE program is critical to Roswell Park Cancer Institute because it enables our procurement officers and staff the ability to select from a diversified pool of potential vendors thereby providing more options. It makes opportunities available to a broader audience who can in turn provide quality goods and services at a competitive price. It also helps facilitate efficient and timely acquisition of goods or services of the highest quality at the lowest practicable cost.

Within Roswell Park Cancer Institute

For the RPCI community who are searching for a local and/or MWBE business to potentially conduct business, the Procurement Office offers an easy-to-use link.

Outside Roswell Park Cancer Institute

For Minority, Woman-owned, small and local businesses who are looking to develop a relationship with Roswell Park Cancer Institute please visit the following website:

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute welcomes the participation of MWBE seeking to do business with us. We believe that doing business with these suppliers strengthens the community and expands the opportunities for RPCI to purchase quality goods and services at cost-effective prices.

Contact Information

For more information on Purchasing Services, please contact:
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Materials Management
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263
Phone: (716) 845-5954
Fax: (716) 845-8303

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Contract Managers

Main Office
Phone (716) 845-5954
Fax: (716) 845-8303

David Scott
Director of Diversity and Inclusion  - (716) 845-8840

Mark Salada
Director Materiels Management - (716) 845-5742

Joseph Bellavia
Contract Administrator - (716) 845-5744

Ronald J. Niziol
Contract Administrator - (716) 845-7669

Mark Palmer
Contract Administrator - (716) 845-3029

Tamara Greer-Clemons - (716) 845-8497
Project Coordinator

Karen A. Halagian
Assistant Contract Administrator - (716) 845-3074

Mary Claire Clark
Purchasing Coordinator - (716) 845-5954