Roswell Park Community Outreach & Engagement Building
907 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Artist rendering of the Community Outreach & Engagement Building

We are proud to break ground on a new Community Outreach & Engagement Building at 907 Michigan Avenue in Buffalo. The project, which includes preservation of a home in Buffalo’s historic Fruit Belt neighborhood, will be the new home for our Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) team.

Visitors can take a cancer risk assessment, sign up for screenings or enroll in community-based cancer prevention studies. This is on top of ongoing outreach that includes early detection and screening through The Witness Project® and Esperanza y Vida as well as clinic-based navigation in partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Our multidisciplinary team of cancer scientists and outreach specialists are unraveling the complexities of who is most at risk for cancer and why. And with improved screening and education, we can begin to address these inequities and reduce the cancer burden.

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Community Outreach & Engagement Building
907 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, New York 14204