Roswell Employees work to clean up their community

Supporting our Neighbors and Community

David Scott, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, leads a resume-building workshop at the Buffalo Employment and Training Center

Community relations are central to Roswell Parks vision, values and mission. The Institute directs partnerships, educational programs and employee volunteer efforts to benefit the local community we serve.

Monthly resume workshops

Partnerships: BETC, NAF, Health and Science Charter School, Buffalo Urban League, Pride Center, UBEOC, Buffalo Black Chamber, Fruit Belt Coalition, Access-VR, Buffalo Public Schools, University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, Medaille, Niagara Falls High School, Native American Community Service.

Approximately 35% of minority new hires in 2018 came to us through outreach programs, including job fairs and job-training events in underserved communities

I utilized Roswell Park’s resume-writing services and then applied for the IT Help Desk position. I am proud to say I obtained an interview and got the job!Bertina Ferguson

CARES Program

Roswell Park developed the Community Alliance to Reach, Empower and Sustain (CARES) Program to support and strengthen our connection with the people and organizations of the Buffalo community. Buffalo is called the City of Good Neighbors and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center considers being a good neighbor and citizen to be an important responsibility.

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Partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers

Roswell Park employs patient navigators at each Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Western New York. These navigators educate and work with a large Medicaid population to get them appropriate screenings wherever is convenient and comfortable for the patient. The goal is to increase screening in WNY, not to direct care to Roswell Park. This is a unique program that builds trust throughout the population while driving the public health mission.

The Journey to Broaden Our Understanding: Roswell Park in Our Community 2022

Caring for cancer patients and their families is just the beginning of Roswell Park’s mission. It’s important to us to give back to our neighbors in the Western New York community and beyond through events, educational opportunities, health screenings and partnerships.

See how far Roswell Park’s community engagement extends in “The Journey to Broaden Our Understanding: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Our Community,” our 2022 community annual report.  

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MANUP Buffalo — Men Allied for the Need to Understand Prostate Cancer

A community-based prostate cancer educational outreach organization started by men of color for men and their families.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Our multidisciplinary team of cancer scientists and outreach specialists are unraveling the complexities of who is most at risk for cancer and why.

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Buffalo/Niagara Witness Project

A church and community-based program to increase awareness of breast and cervical cancer in black women.

Esperanza y Vida

A program to increase breast and cervical cancer screening in Latinas

Read more information about National Witness Project and Esperanza y Vida.

Vaccines and bilingual outreach

Roswell Park served as a vaccination site between December 2020 and July 2021. We vaccinated between 1,500 and 2,500 people a week, including patients, front-line workers and eligible age groups, but with a special emphasis on disparate populations and those who have long been victims of healthcare access inequity. 20% of each day’s vaccinations were scheduled by our Community Outreach and Engagement Team, working with organizations like our refugee resettlement agency partners, local churches with largely Black congregations, Sovereign Native Nation partners, and nonprofits that serve our BIPOC+ community. Our Esperanza y Vida program conducted outreach in Spanish, working with partners like the Hispanic Heritage Council, Hispanics United, the Belle Center, and the Olivencia Center. We also worked through our existing Community Advisory Board and groups we run on campus like the Witness Project on equitable access and outreach.

Job fairs & community workforce education

Roswell Park participates in job fairs across the region and country. Below are some of the job fairs we participate in and/or host to reach out to underserved populations specifically. Job fairs include:

  • Big Gay Sing Celebration/Health and Job Fair
  • Diversity Job Fair with ACCES-VR for job seekers with disabilities
  • Out-of-State Diversity Job Fairs
  • Native American Community Services Health and Job Fair
  • Belle Center Job Fair
  • WUFO Power 96.5 Black Job Fair
  • Pride Center of WNY Out For Business Professional Networking Event
  • Buffalo Employment Training Center career development and resume writing workshops
  • Men of Merit Mentorship Program
  • Department of Labor resume writing and career development workshops targeting job seekers from underserved communities
  • Belle Center bilingual resume writing workshops

Community Outreach & Engagement Building

Get more information about the upcoming Community Outreach & Engagement Building at 907 Michigan Avenue in Buffalo.

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Tapestry Charter School learning expedition

Roswell Park works with Tapestry Charter School, a school with a high minority population, to help the students meet their goal of spreading cancer awareness in their communities

Health Sciences Charter School

Roswell Park provides work-based learning internships to minority students, as well as frequent faculty and staff on-site visits for career development.

Rev. Melody Rutherford, M.Div., speaks to the importance of the Michigan Street Baptist Church, a central part of the history and culture of Buffalo for more than 150 years.
Adam Sumlin, PhD, MBA, talks about the Nash House, former home of Rev. Edward Nash that has been operating as a museum since 2007.

The Eva M. Noles Scholarship

Scholarship in tribute to the first African American nurse to train in Buffalo.

Interfaith recognitions

Roswell Park has recognized the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Christian traditions through luncheons, prayer services and worship, as well as education for employees.