Roswell Park's float in the 2022 Pride Parade

Celebrating Our Differences

We honor a multitude of cultural, ethnic and religious holidays, traditions and observances.

A recognized leader for LGBTQIA2S+ care

20204 LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leader Logo

Roswell Park is a recognized leader in LGBTQIA2S+ (LGBTQ+) care. The Human Rights Campaign grades healthcare institutions like Roswell Park across roughly 70 different criteria, including Patient Non-Discrimination, Equal Visitation, Employment Non-Discrimination, Training, Patient Services and Support, Employee Benefits and Policies, Transgender Inclusive Health Insurance, and Patient and Community Engagement. Roswell Park received a perfect score! 

We raise the Inclusive Pride flag on June 1 each year. 2022’s Pride activities at Roswell Park included distributing pronoun pins for employees, new education and training on the use of pronouns in the healthcare setting, and additional events throughout the year.

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Roswell Park leadership celebrating Juneteenth

Roswell Park celebrates Juneteenth each year with a daylong celebration in Kaminski Park and flying the flag throughout most of June. This year was an especially impactful year to celebrate, reflect, and participate in Juneteeth activities like the parade in the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the Jefferson Avenue Tops market. Roswell Park celebrates Juneteenth as a full holiday rather than an operational holiday.

Cultural celebration events

Below is a list of cultural celebration events we hold throughout campus:

  • Black History Month celebration
  • Hispanic Heritage celebration
  • Veterans Celebration
  • Jewish Holiday celebration
  • Indigenous People’s Day celebration
  • National Disability Employment Awareness
  • Irish History Month celebration
  • Italian, German, & Polish History month display
  • Pride Month celebration
  • Festival of Light (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Diwali, Bodhi Day)
  • Eid celebration
  • Lunar New Year celebration
  • Various parades and booths (Pride Parade, Puerto Rican Day, India Day Parade, Dyngus Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Buffalo Without Borders)