Ladies: Get Your Mammograms!

Roswell Park opens Breast Cancer Screening Program for the public

At Roswell Park, we are specialists in cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, and applying our capabilities to breast cancer screening is an important part of our mission. That is why I am excited to announce that we have launched a new Breast Cancer Screening Program that is making it easier than ever for women in our community to receive this important screening test and benefit from our breast cancer screening experience.

We encourage all women to begin receiving an annual mammogram at the age of 40, and even earlier if they are at high risk. Although we previously only offered mammography screening to our cancer patients and high-risk patients, this new initiative is something we have been interested in offering for some time as part of our ongoing effort to enhance breast cancer care and meet the needs of women in our community. These enhancements will continue when the new Clinical Sciences Center opens in 2016, featuring a new Breast Center and breast-imaging center.

Why is getting a mammogram important? Here are some facts about breast cancer screening worth considering:

  • Nearly half of women that should have an annual mammogram are not getting this important cancer screening.
  • Catching breast cancer early saves lives. Five-year relative survival is lower among women with a more advanced stage at diagnosis.
  • Multiple randomized, controlled clinical research studies suggest that mammography reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer by up to 30 percent.
  • Early detection of breast cancer by mammography also leads to a greater range of treatment options and allows for less-aggressive surgery, such as lumpectomy versus mastectomy.

source: American Cancer Society. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013-2014. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc. 2013.

Appointment Availability

Screening mammography appointments are available from 3 pm to 6:20 pm, Monday through Friday. To make the screenings even more convenient, we are offering free parking for Breast Cancer Screening participants in our Radiation Medicine parking lot, adjacent to our hospital.

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Batch Reading

Screening mammograms will be batch read the following morning of the appointment. Batch reading means that two radiologists will read each mammogram in an undisturbed, quiet environment. The patient will receive a phone call the following morning with her results.

Studies suggest that batch reading may improve accuracy and lower the rate of false positives, which means fewer patients need to return for additional images.

After a mammogram is performed, only about 10 percent of women will require additional evaluation. Typically this involves additional mammographic views or ultrasound. If a biopsy is required, our radiologists are experts in minimally invasive image-guided biopsy.

Regardless of the result, our team of breast cancer experts is here to support you and provide the highest level of care throughout the process.

Expedited Second Opinions

If you had a mammogram at another facility, but wish to come to Roswell Park for a second opinion or further care, we can expedite the process. Our radiologists will review images within 24 hours of receiving them and quickly and accurately determine if you require a biopsy or additional testing.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program

If breast cancer runs in your family or you have other factors known to increase your risk of breast cancer, you should consider a risk evaluation in our high-risk breast cancer program. The program offers the most advanced surveillance, screening, diagnostic and preventive methods to women most at risk for breast cancer. You may evaluate your risk using our convenient online assessment form.