Roswell Park's Multidisciplinary Care Approach to Breast Cancer

When I joined Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of the main things that attracted me was and still is, its multidisciplinary breast cancer team. Here, patients receive a comprehensive care package beyond just medical care. Our in-house expert pathology department reviews biopsies and our radiology department consults with doctors and patients. We also have a psychosocial oncologist on staff. 

As the director of the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program, my team and I help families identify and address their risk factors and ways individuals can prevent or effectively manage breast cancer, and how to educate other family members potentially at risk.

Our program reviews patients’ medical, family and personal histories and assigns a “risk percentage.” Patients in remission or those who have had relatives diagnosed with cancers such as breast or ovarian are deemed “high risk.” We examine these individuals’ histories further, including scanning blood for biomarkers. Based on the data we collect, our team works collectively to decrease patients’ breast cancer risk through observation, surveillance, and direct consultation.

Remember, our program is not exclusive to those who already consider themselves “high risk.” If you are a man or a woman who believes yourself to have an increased chance of developing breast cancer, I urge you to call us for an assessment.

Despite leaps and bounds in medical advancement over the years, early stage breast cancer is still the most curable form of the disease. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat well. Schedule routine mammograms. 

We are here for you and just a phone call or email away.