Cancer Support

I use my knowledge of the mind and behavior to support people who are dealing with a medical illness; in this case, cancer.
As of July 2021, Roswell Park can now treat any first responder whose cancer has been certified under the World Trade Center Health Program and have it covered by the federal program.
Even though it’s often an essential part of patient treatment, no one looks forward to chemotherapy. At Roswell Park, doctors, nurses, practitioners and physician assistants are ready to help you navigate the chemotherapy roadmap.
"I am so grateful to have had my husband Ken, Therese, the amazing Roswell Park team, and the cystectomy support group by my side through all of this.”
“The evidence shows that acupuncture works really well to help with side effects, including digestive issues and neuropathy in the hands and feet.”
“A new patient is usually very shell-shocked and sometimes that will last for the few first visits. We’re the support people."
“This is a great way to connect with people, especially right now, when I feel like connecting with people is difficult. We’re not meeting too many strangers right now during COVID-19. It allows individuals to really express themselves.”
“Sometimes sickness can play life’s roll of film on a fast track. Looking at art, in my opinion, brings that feeling to a halt and helps each frame come alive.”
For someone undergoing treatment for cancer, or who has finished treatment but still takes extra precautions to stay safe, the question looms large: How do I handle the holidays?

If you’re about to enter cancer treatment, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Physical Therapy (PT) team may provide part of your care.

No one expects to get cancer. But when someone you love says they’ve got breast cancer, what do you do? 
Cancer and cancer treatments can increase the chances of serious injury from even a minor fall. Why? Because you may be at higher risk for bleeding (including internal bleeding) and a weakened immune system (which means even a small cut can allow a serious infection to take hold). Here's how to safeguard against falling.