At the forefront of cancer drug development and treatment design

Using state-of-the-art experimental approaches in genomics, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, imaging, biochemistry, and animal modeling, the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at Roswell Park is making breakthrough discoveries in new cancer therapies.

What we do

  • Identifying novel molecular targets for therapeutic development
  • Characterizing the mechanisms of action and preclinical development of novel drug candidates
  • Clinical translation of in-house developed anti-cancer therapeutics
  • Developing mechanism-driven novel combination therapies

Our researchers collaborate extensively with each other, with other scientists at Roswell Park and elsewhere, and with partners in the pharmaceutical industry, to leverage expertise from a variety of disciplines.

We also participate in Roswell Park’s CCSG Developmental Therapeutics (DT) Program and The Research Groups (TRG) for specific cancer types, and the University at Buffalo (UB) graduate training programs (mainly, the Experimental Therapeutics (ET) program)

Dr. Gokul Das Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Spotlight: Developmental Therapeutics Research Program

How can we use new treatments to target cancer cells and reduce the body’s resistance?  Scientists across Roswell Park are studying how to develop and translate novel mechanism-driven anti-cancer therapeutics and therapeutic regimens. 

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Training the next generation of scientists

In addition to our research and community outreach, the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics is actively involved in hands-on teaching with Master’s and PhD students in our highly competitive graduate studies program. 

Our multidisciplinary education model allows students a unique immersive experience, preparing them for successful careers as independent investigators.  

Unmatched expertise

Research interests: Stem cell development; cancer stem cells; cancer cell heterogeneity; prostate cancer; non-coding RNAs; epigenetics experimental therapeutics

Fengzhi Li, PhD

2020 PanCan Grant Recipient: Fengzhi Li, PhD

A few common themes have guided the decisions of Fengzhi Li, PhD: Find meaning. Do good. Stay focused.

In fact, whether the hardship faced is pancreatic cancer or the coronavirus pandemic, his advice to others is, “If you have a goal – whatever the goal is – never give up. Persistence is the key for reaching your goal.”

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Recent publications

Pamela Hershberger, PhD

Women in Science: Pamela Hershberger, PhD

In 2019, Pamela Hershberger, PhD, came upon a stunningly significant finding in her research lab.

“Patients with higher vitamin D levels continued to respond better and for a significantly longer time with the medications, compared to patients with lower or deficient levels of Vitamin D. It was a very exciting moment, seeing that it might be possible to extend responses with an easy-to-use, inexpensive vitamin.”

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