Decoding extracellular matrix corruption in tumorigenesis and tissue repair

The Chakraborty lab at Roswell Park elucidates the microenvironmental regulation of extracellular matrix (ECM) protein(s) promoting cancer progression and tissue healing aspects of regenerative medicine. 

Our cutting-edge cancer research and tissue regeneration programs investigate the in-depth molecular and biochemical mechanisms of the oncogenic and tissue-regenerative functions of the protein coding gene AGRN (Agrin).

Lab Research

How do ECM components instruct tumor development and promote tissue repair post-injury?

Dr. Chakraborty and his team study how cancer cells respond to specific ECM components by transducing mechanical inputs through defined signaling response(s).

Our long-term goal is to devise strategies targeting the ‘corrupt ECM’ components that interfere with ECM and cancer cell communications, thereby enforcing tumor-restraining capabilities.

Slides and illustrations from a scientific research study

Top panel: Oncogenic corruption of the extracellular matrix as a driver of tumorigenesis in solid cancers such as lung and liver carcinomas.
Bottom panel: Effect of Agrin in mechanical signal transduction in micropatterned cancer and normal cells that affect physiological processes such as angiogenesis.

Agrin in the tumor microenvironmentAgrin & wound repair


Exciting discoveries from the Chakraborty Lab can be found in reputed journals, including Nature Communications, Cell Reports, and more.

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Members of the Chakraborty Lab have training and expertise in cancer biology, molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology and even anthropology.

Meet our team

Sayan Chakraborty, PhD

“By inhibiting Agrin, we can cut off blood supply to the cancer cells and stop tumor growth.”

Sayan Chakraborty, PhD

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