Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of biology that impact cancer cells

From disease etiology to new approaches to treatment, the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department at Roswell Park studies the mechanisms governing cellular development, differentiation, and organismal homeostasis.

We explore the fundamental pathways that can transcend cancer type and yield broad impact.

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What we do

Our research focuses on five key themes:

  • Epigenetic pathways that contribute to cancer, the risk, disease progression, and therapeutic sensitivities
  • The glycobiology of cell-cell interactions which are relevant to multiple features of tumor biology and interface with the microenvironment
  • Regulatory control of cell proliferation, and means exploit genetic features of deregulated proliferation
  • The interface of the tumor with the microenvironment in disease progression and therapeutic resistance.
  • The intersection of tumor genetics with biological features of cancer

Ongoing studies transcend bench work carried out in a variety of clinically relevant cancer models, all the way to clinical trials, touching on major biological process of relevance to cancer.

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Gene Targeting and Transgenic

Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource

Our Gene Targeting & Transgenic Shared Resource provides access to state-of-the-art technologies, methods, and tissue models.

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Training the next generation of scientists

In addition to our research activities, the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology is actively involved in hands-on teaching with Master’s and PhD students in our highly competitive graduate studies program.

Our multidisciplinary education model allows students a unique immersive experience, preparing them for successful careers as independent investigators. 

Unmatched expertise

Research interests: Cell cycle control in cancer as a therapeutic target; RB-tumor suppressor pathway in the progression of cancer; breast and pancreatic cancer genetics; defining rationally targeted therapeutic interventions for clinical use.

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Jennifer Panaro
Department Administrator
Phone: 716-845-1300, x1929
Email: Jennifer.Panaro@RoswellPark.org