Development of mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt)-based novel therapeutics for prostate and other types of aggressive cancer

Our lab investigates the mitochondrial and cell death biology in cancer. We study fundamental aspects of how mitochondria respond to various stresses and their consequences in cancer cell death and survival. 

We utilize multidisciplinary approaches encompassing biochemical, molecular, cellular, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, clinical, and mouse models of prostate and other types of cancer. Our goal is to develop mitochondria and cell death-based novel therapeutics for cancer treatment and prevention of disease recurrence.     

Targeting mitochondrial unfolded protein response to develop novel cancer therapeutics

Exploring development of UPRmt-based novel therapeutics for prostate and other types of aggressive cancer.

UPRmt research

Apoptosome dynamics & function in cancer

Discovering the mechanisms that regulate apoptosome formation and function in cancer cells.

Apoptosome research

Mitochondrial and apoptosome dysfunction in prostate cancer health disparity

Uncovering the impact of reduced levels of mitochondrial DNA and reduced expression of cytochrome c.

Prostate cancer research
Dhyan Chandra in Lab

Research breakthrough: Prostate cancer

“There is an urgent need to identify and develop treatment modalities for prostate cancer that do not rely on targeting the androgen receptor signaling axis.”

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