Roswell Park’s education programs support all forms of training in cancer research including summer internships, PhD programs, and Postdoctoral mentoring.

Pre-Doc mentoring

Ethan Abel, PhD

Ethan Abel, BS, PhD
Ethan Abel, PhD

Our lab is interested in examining the interplay between oncogenic signaling pathways and transcription factors in pancreatic cancer. In particular, we are interested in how these converging factors control therapeutic resistance, tumorigenesis, cancer stem cells, and cell lineage identity/plasticity.

For example, much of our research examines the roles of the endodermal-lineage transcription factor HNF1A, including its role as a driver of the pancreatic cancer stem cell state and its interactions with mutant KRAS, the primary oncogene in pancreatic cancer.

Our lab combines mechanistic cell and molecular biology with translational approaches (e.g., experimental therapeutics and patient-derived xenografts) to identify novel drivers of, and potential therapeutic targets for the disease.

Current students

  • Katherine Crawford (Experimental Therapeutics)
  • Bharani Muppavarapu (Experimental Therapeutics​

Erik Knudsen, PhD

Erik Knudsen, PhD
Erik Knudsen, PhD

Our lab has studied cell cycle regulatory pathways and the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor for 25 years.

Multiple graduate students have been trained in the laboratory who have gone on to have successful careers including as tenure-track faculty, pharmaceutical scientists, NCI administrators, and even a hedge-fund manager.

The lab is highly dynamic and we enjoy having students in the group.

Current students

  • Andrew Dynka (Experimental Therapeutics)
  • Yin Wan (Genetics and Genomics)​

Post-Doctoral appointments/mentoring

Joseph Lau, PhD

Joseph T.Y. Lau, PhD
Joseph Lau, PhD

We are searching for an ambitious PhD, MD, or PhD-MD biologist for a postdoctoral research project for the identification and functional analysis of novel glycan-based cell-niche interactions in blood cell production and function.

Projects will be oriented around one or some combinations of the following topics:

  • Identification and characterization of novel cell-niche in maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells
  • The study of disruption to healthy hematopoiesis by normal cells neighboring malignant and pre-malignant neoplasms; role of glycans in the tumor and cancer stem cell niche.

The research environment is highly interactive; the laboratory is part of a multisite NIH funded K12 Training Program of Excellence in Glycosciences geared toward mentorship and development of the next generation translational glycoscientists.

Erik Knudsen, PhD

Erik Knudsen, PhD
Erik Knudsen, PhD

We are searching for productive individuals who are interested in mechanisms of tumor development/progression and precision approaches to cancer treatment.

Much of the laboratory is focused on breast and pancreatic cancer, where there is an emphasis on taking fundamental research finding to the clinic. The lab is highly interactive and dynamic, composed of a mix of students, technicians, and postdocs.

Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, have strong communication skills, and interest in scientific discovery. Experience in cancer biology is a plus, as is some experience with the analysis of “omics” data.


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