A multi-disciplinary approach to cancer and novel rationally targeted therapies

Work in the Witkiewicz -Knudsen Lab focuses on defining how cancer hallmarks – deregulated proliferation in particular – impact the development and progression of cancer. 

The lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach, taking advantage of the complementary expertise of the lab leads Agnieszka K. Witkiewicz, MD, in precision medicine and biomarkers, and Erik Knudsen, PhD, in cancer cell biology. 

Lab Research

Research focus

Cell slides from a microscope

Current research is funded by the National Cancer Institute around research topics directly related to breast cancer and pancreatic cancer with emerging interests in gynecological malignancies.

Cell cycle heterogeneity in cancer

Using genetic screens, functional studies, and advanced tissue imaging to delineate “cell cycle dystopia.”

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ER-positive breast cancer and CDK4/6 inhibitors

Understanding the mechanisms of resistance, identifying predictive biomarkers and guiding new therapeutic strategies.

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Therapeutically targeting pancreatic cancer

Defining the genetic makeup of tumors, building patient-derived models to test hypotheses and using sophisticated approaches to interrogate clinical tissue specimens.

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Biomarker discovery and technology development

Identify healthy behaviors and interventions for cancer risk reduction.

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Cell slide from a microscope

A promising new approach to cancer treatment

Recent research from the Witkiewicz-Knudsen Lab shows that targeting the cell cycle could overcome treatment resistance.

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The Witkiewicz-Knudsen Lab is looking for post-docs and graduate students interested in mechanisms of tumor development/progression and precision approaches to cancer treatment. Much of our lab focuses on breast and pancreatic cancer, with an emphasis on taking fundamental research findings to the clinic.

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