Breast Cancer Research Center

The Breast Cancer Research Center at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary coalition of breast cancer researchers working on different pivotal topics in the field. The center serves as a central hub to better understand breast cancer across the cancer continuum, starting with disease prevention and education and continuing through advanced therapeutics and survivorship. We are committed to collaborative research that will aid the development of innovative treatments, enhance quality of life, and improve survival outcomes.

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Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Center forms a coalition across scientific disciplines to accelerate research in this high-need area and strategize efforts leveraging scientific collaboration, developing novel clinical trials, and streamlining data sharing. Understanding and advancing our knowledge about this disease through research is crucial to impacting outcomes. Our multidisciplinary approach aims to tackle the challenges of pancreatic cancer such as identifying risk factors, developing early detection methods, establishing clinical trials, and improving quality of life.

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