Targeting bone metastases through cancer metabolism

The Hai Wang Lab investigates biological mechanisms and therapeutic strategies to target bone metastasis in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Our research primarily focuses on the role of metabolic reprogramming in bone metastases.

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Metabolic reprograming in osteoblastic metastasis of prostate cancer

We aim to identify critical mechanisms that support the metabolic adaptation and metastatic progression of prostate cancer cells in bone colonization, thereby allowing prostate cancer cells to survive amidst a limited nutrition supply and environmental stresses in the bone milieu.

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Dynamic alteration of metabolism in breast cancer bone metastasis

We hypothesize that the metabolic behaviors may keep changing with the evolution of the metastatic niche and epigenetic reprograming in the development of breast cancer bone metastases; blockades of such metabolic shifting steps may arrest bone metastases progression and prevent their secondary dissemination to other organs.

Breast cancer research
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New models to study bone metastasis

Our research aims to optimize the methodologies and technologies to model bone metastases in order to discover novel mechanisms and medicine strategies for the treatment of skeletal related complications incurred by bone metastases.

New bone metastases models
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We’re looking for a postdoctoral fellow/associate

This position is focused on understanding the metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells in bone metastases as novel therapeutic targets.  Studies will involve multiple different approaches to study tumor biology in cell and animal models, complemented by the use of genomic and metabolomic approaches. 

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Research funding

Susan G Komen

Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Research Grants

Targeting Breast Cancer Bone Metastases through Metabolism

Breast Cancer Alliance

Breast Cancer Alliance Young Investigator Grant

Re-sensitizing Refractory Breast Cancer Bone Metastases to Endocrine Therapies


DoD Prostate Cancer Research Program, Idea Development Award

Targeting Prostate Cancer Metabolic Vulnerabilities in the Bone Microenvironment to Circumvent Lethal Metastatic Disease


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