The Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Department maintains an array of commonly required scientific equipment for shared use on the third floor of the Medical Research Complex, encompassing four rooms all within proximity to the basic science departments.

The shared equipment includes centrifuges, a scintillation counter, a phosphor imager, a LI-COR Odyssey, CLx, qPCR machines, a CBC analyzer, a cryostat, an autoclave, and 4 fluorescence microscopes between two microscope rooms. 

Equipment name MRC location
Autoclave (Consolidated Stills & Sterilizers) 318A
CBC Analyzer (Heska) 318A
CFX96 Real Time PCR Det System with C1000 Thermal Cycler (Biorad) 318A
ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System and computer (Biorad) 318A
Cryostat (Leica) 318A
Dissecting Microscope - Olympus SZX16 with Nuance camera and computer 318A
Forced Air Incubator Oven (Cenco) 318A
GS-15 Ultra Centrifuge (Beckman) 318A
Odyssey CLx Imaging System (LI-COR) 318A
Microscope: Fluorescence Stereo Dissection (Olympus SZX12) with computer 318A
Microscope: Fluorescence Compound with New X-Cite Illuminator, assesories (Nikon Eclipse E-600) with Spot camera and computer 318A
Microscope: Inverted microscope system (Nikon Eclipse Ti-U) with Nuance and Spot cameras and computer 344
Microscope: Fluorescent Stereo Dissecting Microscope (Olympus SZX16) with Nuance camera and computer 344
Scintillation Counter, LS6500 Beckman, ID#294959 338
Sonic 60 Dismembrator 338
Spectrophotometer, ND-1000 Single Nano Drop 338
SynergyHTX SILFA Multi-Mode Plate reader (Bio-Tek) w/computer 338
Typhoon 9410 Variable Mode Imager - Blue Laser Model 305A
Ultracentrifuge, L8M Beckman (2) 350
Virtis Freezemobile (SP Scientific) 325A
Zoe Fluorescent Cell Imager (Bio-Rad) 318A

Roswell Park Shared Resources

  • Bioanalytics, Metabolomics & Pharmacokinetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Biomedical Research Informatics
  • Data Bank and BioRepository
  • Flow and Image Cytometry
  • Gene Targeting and Transgenic
  • Genomics
  • Immune Analysis
  • Investigational Drug Service
  • Nicotine & Tobacco Product Assessment
  • Onsite Supply Center
  • Pathology Network
  • Translational Imaging
  • Small Molecule Screening
  • Therapeutic Cell Production
  • Vector Development and Production


Jennifer Panaro
Scientific Department Administrator ll
Phone: 716-845-1300, x1929