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Plan to Enhance Diversity

The overarching goal for Roswell Park’s Plan to Enhance Diversity (PED) component is to promote and sustain inclusive training, hiring, and career development processes using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) best practices. We will achieve this through purposeful and intentional assessment, program planning, resource allocation, and evaluation activities to optimize and enhance the center’s DEI infrastructure. Roswell Park leadership has committed to a purpose-driven strategic partnership approach to align and sustain DEI activities and best practices across the organization. Broadly, our PED plan will enhance and expand infrastructure to increase the participation of women and individuals from groups historically underrepresented in the research workforce, which includes trainees, faculty, research staff, and center leadership.

Roswell Park’s Plan to Enhance Diversity is driven by three aims: 

Aim 1

Enhance diversity in faculty and center leadership.

Aim 2

Enhance the educational, mentoring, and training infrastructure to support participation from diverse and underrepresented populations.

Aim 3

Develop and implement criteria for monitoring and evaluating progress in diversity to support sustainability of diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.

Summary of Roswell Park PED/DEI committees

  Network, Committee, Workgroup, Board Function Meeting cadence
National National Comprehensive Cancer Network Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Director’s Forum Advocate for policy change and share DEI best practices to meet NCI requirements. Quarterly
Cancer Consortium DEI Network Share Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) Plan to Enhance Diversity (PED) activities in cancer centers and DEI strategies to support activities. Monthly, Sept-May
Association of American Cancer Institutes’ Presidential Initiative Leadership development in cancer centers. Quarterly
Institutional CCSG PED Committee Stakeholder meeting to help plan and organize new PED requirements to establish DEI across the organization. Quarterly
Cancer Research Training Education Coordination Internal Advisory Board PED and COE ADs serve as standing members to integrate efforts across all three components. Quarterly
Diversity Action Committee (DAC) Staff across Roswell Park provide recommendations for maintaining a respectful, inclusive, equitable and supportive workplace, shaping policies and programs to advance DEI. Monthly
Roswell Park DEI Change Champions Managers from many departments align operations and strategic planning with DEI best practices. Bi-monthly

Plan to Enhance Diversity initiatives

DEI Change Champions

Managers from many departments align operations and strategic planning with DEI best practices.

Unconscious bias training

Training required by all faculty: “Unconscious Bias: What To Do About it in the Search and Recruitment Process” presented by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Implementing best practices

Optimizing and enhancing the faculty recruitment process and infrastructure by implementing best practices for search committees.

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Meet the Team

Elisa Rodriguez, PhD, MS
Associate Director, Plan to Enhance Diversity
Phone: 716-845-5953
Kaila Reddick, MS
Kaila Reddick, MS
Assistant Director, Plan to Enhance Diversity
Jamie Sobieski, MBA
Program Coordinator, Plan to Enhance Diversity
Phone: 716-845-2934