Life Recorded - A Project Inspired by StoryCorps Legacy

Listening Is An Act of Love. Ask Now, Listen Forever.

Beth Lenegan, PhD, Director of Pastoral Care at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, explains how Life Recorded benefits RPCI patients.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute offers employees, patients and families an opportunity to share meaningful stories and life experiences through personal recorded interviews through Life Recorded - a project inspired by StoryCorps Legacy.

For 40 minutes, two friends or relatives — one interviewing the other — record, preserve and share the questions that really matter, those that can leave a lasting impact on your loved ones.

At the end of your conversation, you’ll receive a free CD recording as a memento of the conversation you wanted to cherish with your loved one.

To learn how you can tell your own story through Life Recorded, call RPCI’s Pastoral Care Department at 716-845-8051 or download the brochure