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The diagnosis of cancer impacts patients and their loved ones physically, emotionally and spiritually. Often times, people will turn to prayer to help cope with the challenges that a cancer diagnosis brings. Through prayer, our goal as a Spiritual Care Team is to help nurture your spiritual well-being, so that you may find peace, comfort and strength during this time.

Your prayer concerns are important to us and that is why each and every prayer request we receive is prayed for by members of the Spirital Care Team. Be assured, our prayer support is confidential.

For more information or to talk with one of the Roswell Park Chaplains, call 716-845-8051.

I think that religion and spirituality and praying helped save my life. It was so important to me that my family prayed for me when I was diagnosed with cancer. Also, we had a special Bible Study soon after I was diagnosed. Hearing that others were praying for me and joining together with them in prayer was incredibly moving and powerful. If you believe in miracles like I do, you’d have to agree that it was a miracle that I was cured and that the miracle was brought about by the power of prayer. Jeffrey Hirschfelt, Testicular Cancer Survivor