Meet the Team

Paul Spitale II, PhD
Paul Spitale, PhD
Life Recorded Program Coordinator

As an educator, counselor, researcher, and filmmaker, Paul is a strong asset to the Life Recorded program. He drives much-needed energy into the program, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic when he created Life Recorded: Multimodal Conversations. This allowed the project to thrive despite limited access to patients. Paul takes a cross-departmental, diversity-based, holistic approach to support patients, families, & care team members. He considers himself fortunate to work with the talented team at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Your story can be someone else’s motivation, support, and survival guide.Paul

Marina Fery
Life Recorded Facilitator

Marina is an exceptionally valued volunteer staff member of Roswell Park’s Spiritual Care department. She has supported Life Recorded since the program’s first recordings that were completed in 2015. Marina’s gentle personality offers storytellers a tranquil experience as they share their stories. She is known for her kindness and selflessness. She commutes to volunteer at Roswell from her home outside of Rochester, which she shares with her husband who founded “Bread Time Stories.” Traveling to Roswell Park each week is just one example of Marina’s devotion to her ministry as a Life Recorded facilitator.

A Story, meaningful and true. Life Recorded, let's include You! Marina

Carol Borom
Life Recorded Facilitator

Carol is a Life Recorded “pioneer,” having supported the program since it was founded. Her efforts have helped form the foundation of the work we do. She is as hard-working and resilient as she is intuitive and empathetic. Carol lives in Buffalo’s Southtowns with her partner and their beloved dogs, all of whom enjoy RV camping in the summer. What sets Carol apart is her drive to do things well and to be immensely considerate to those she works with on the team and to those she guides as a Life Recorded facilitator. We are lucky to have Carol as one of the bedrocks of the program.

As human beings, we love stories. Our own story is no less important than any other. Carol

Zach Connerton
Zach Connerton
Life Recorded Facilitator

Zach joined Life Recorded in 2019. His natural curiosity and conversational style fit incredibly well with the program. He is currently a student at the University at Buffalo, which in part shows his dedication to Life Recorded as he confidently balances school, family, and life. We are incredibly fortunate to have Zach on board as an integral team member.

Everyone deserves a listener. There's nothing better than helping someone tell their life in their own words. Zach