Patients and Families

Dear Roswell Park Families:

Rev. Melody Rutherford, M.Div.

The Spiritual Care staff at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center would like to extend our services to you and your family. These services are open to all patients, regardless of your religious affiliation, whether you are in hospital, at home or another facility.

Members of the Spiritual Care staff regularly visit patients while they are in-hospital and are able to offer on-going support as needed. We would like to continue this supportive presence to patients and family members at the time of discharge as well as to our patients who are being treated in the clinics.

Also, we would like to serve as a bridge between yourself and your spiritual community. I encourage you to notify your faith community if you are admitted and would like someone to visit you or if you would like to be included on a prayer list. If you are not connected with a particular community, the spiritual care staff can offer the support you may need and if desired, connect you with a faith community.

Please continue to look at our web site to see what services and resources are available through the Spiritual Care Department. If at any time you would like to speak with any staff in Spiritual Care, you can contact us at (716) 845-8051.

Rev. Dr. Melody Rutherford, DMIN, MDiv, MS-BCC
Director of Spiritual Care

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