The Ultimate Roswell Park Scavenger Hunt

Next time you’re on our campus with some extra free time, see if you can solve the following clues and find these objects. Scroll down for an answer key and fun facts!

1. You'll see this colorful two-story piece of art from the main hospital lobby, 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor. 

Stand at Dunkin' Donuts and look toward the gift shop. You should see this banner hanging high above, right behind the piano.

2. This special spot often results in cheers erupting throughout the lobby. 

If you're walking from the main hospital lobby toward the new Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center (CSC), this object will be on your right next to a kiosk displaying upcoming events and other information.

3. This buffalo will be found wearing an orange shirt and lounging in a chair. 

Your best bet for finding this object is grabbing a healthy lunch and taking a look at some of the art while you eat.

4. Our founder and namesake is featured on this beautiful display. 

Walk on the ground floor toward the CSC to spot Dr. Roswell Park's photo.

5. This statue may not be furry, but its inspiration sure was. 

Look for this clue on a warm day, because you need to venture out to Kaminski Park & Gardens.

6. We consider every one of these names to be one in a million.

You can't miss this unique listing of donor names when you walk off Carlton Street and into the CSC.

7. Wigs, wigs and more wigs. Can you spot them all? 

This important and helpful spot is located toward the back of Sunflower Café. 

8. Sunflowers are in bloom all year long in this hallway. And they're surrounded by some cool scientific art! 

Head to the first floor and walk toward the chapel to find the sunflowers and colorful walls. 

9. This tree's branches are adorned with small silver tokens of hope.

Head into our gift shop to find this clue.

10. You'll find friendly folks in blue polo shirts stationed here. 

Walk towards the patient hospitality suite and you'll surely see this desk.

Answer Key:

1. Sunflower Banner
Sunflowers are a popular symbol here at Roswell Park! Our cafeteria, the Sunflower Café, is even named after these blooming flowers of hope. See how many you can spot on your next visit. 

2. Victory Bell
The Victory Bell in our main hospital lobby is available for patients to celebrate important milestones, such as the end of treatment. Share your Victory Bell photos using #RoswellStrong.  

3. Lounging Buffalo Artwork
The Sunflower Café is filled with photos and paintings of our city's namesake animal. Which one is your favorite?

4. Dr. Roswell Park Art Display
The ground floor corridor leading toward the Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center is filled with artwork that gets you ready for the many masterpieces you'll find in our newest building. One of the most interesting pieces features Dr. Roswell Park and some of his writings. 

5. Monty Statue
Monty was Roswell Park's first pet therapy dog, and the statue in Kaminski Park is a touching nod to his legacy. 

6. Donor Wall
The names mounted inside the CSC lobby represent the individuals and groups who donated more than $1 million to make this building a reality. 

7. Resource Center for Patients and Families
This Resource Center is an excellent spot to go to for numerous resources, not just free wigs. Patients have access to educational materials, games, computers and more.

8. Sunflower Sculptures
These particular sunflowers are found outside our chapel, place of solace that is open to you and your loved ones, and staffed by our interfaith Pastoral Care Department

9. Bridge of Hope Bell Display
The Roswell Park Bridge of Hope is an inspirational site at Canalside Buffalo. Complimentary bells are presented to patients at our bi-weekly bell-hanging ceremonies for patients and loved ones may purchase a bell in our gift shop for a $5 donation. 

10. Errand/Escort Volunteer Desk
We love our volunteers! Those wearing blue polo shirts perform many duties and are here to help patients and employees. 


Bonus 6 North Clues:

One, two, three, four. This young girl is hopscotching out the door. 

Wall art located to the left of the front desk on 6 North.

Fly, fly away. These fluttery butterflies are soaring high above.

Butterflies painted on the ceiling.

Keep active, keep on stepping. This piece of exercise equipment keeps you fit while allowing you to sit. 

The no-step exercise machine is located in the back right corner of the unit.

"Life is tough, but we are tougher." Can you find this inspirational quote?

This quote is prominently displayed on the wall and embodies the spirit of our youngest fighters.

Pounding away is a great way to play. This drumset can be found in 6 North's most colorful hangout spot. 

The Lion's Den is filled with many fun games, including a full Rockstar Hero set.