What Do All The Colored Shirts Mean?


There are many different types of dedicated Roswell Park volunteers!

While spending time on the Roswell Park campus, you may have noticed a sea of purple, blue and yellow. These colored garments each represent a specific type of Roswell Park volunteer and they are all here to lend you a hand!

Purple Shirts
Find a Purple Shirt if you…

  • Need a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen
  • Are unsure how to talk to your loved ones about your diagnosis
  • Are a caregiver needing information and support

Volunteers who wear purple shirts are called Healthcare Hospitality volunteers. These dedicated people are cancer survivors themselves and visit clinics throughout the hospital, bringing compassion, understanding, and practical information to you and your loved ones. They can help link you to free supportive programs offered by Roswell Park, the American Cancer Society, and community-based partners. The Resource Center for Patients and Families can help you locate a Healthcare Hospitality volunteer. 

Blue Coats
Find a Blue Coat if you...

  • Need directions to your appointment
  • Are feeling overwhelmed in the Roswell Park Lobby and are unsure what to do next

The Blue Coat volunteers will greet you with a smile as soon as you walk through the front doors of Roswell Park! They can help you find the registration desk, a clinic, or anything else that you may need. Blue Coat volunteers work hard to create a welcoming environment and provide superior patient services to Roswell Park patients.

Yellow Jackets
Find a Yellow Jacket if you...

  • Want someone to chat with while you’re waiting for your appointment
  • Need patient information or education

These volunteers wear yellow aprons and have carts carrying important informational materials. They take these carts around the clinics and are excited to speak with you about anything and everything! They can also help educate you on available support services as well as local points of interest and lodging.

Navy Blue Polo Shirts
Find a Navy Blue Polo if you...

  • Want some crafts to pass the time
  • Want to pet their furry companion
  • Could use a cup of coffee or some tea

Many other volunteers wear a navy blue polo shirt. They may be walking around with a pet therapy dog, providing you coffee and crafts, running errands around the hospital, and much more. Approach them if you need a friendly smile and want to see what they are up to!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call 716-845-5708 or stop by the Volunteer Office, located between Security and the Gift Shop in the Roswell Park Lobby.