The Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center

The new Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center, which opened in May 2016, allows Roswell Park Cancer Institute to provide comprehensive cancer care to meet a growing demand while freeing up space in the main RPCI hospital so that existing patient-care programs can be expanded. 

The $50.5 million project has been realized through generous support from the community, including:

  • $32.7 million in philanthropic donations through the Making Room to Save Lives campaign, co-chaired by Donna Gioia and Scott Bieler. The total includes generous gifts of $1 million or more from 15 donors or foundations. 
  • $6.3 million from federal New Markets Tax Credit program 

Centers located in the CSC include:

  • Breast Oncology Center: This center will offer the latest in diagnosing, treating and managing benign and malignant breast tumors in women and men. The center also provides risk assessment and supportive services. 
  • Breast Imaging Center: This space will allow Roswell Park to perform up to 10,000 additional screening mammograms, annually. 
  • Survivorship & Supportive Care Center/Adolescent & Young Adult Center: These centers will meet the ongoing needs of cancer survivors. Services will include pain management, palliative care, nutritional services, psychosocial services and screening. 
  • Chemotherapy & Infusion Center: Doubling RPCI's current capacity, this center features private rooms and spaces where patients can interact with one another. 
  • Gynecology Center: Diagnosing, treating and managing all cancers of the female reproductive system, this center offers advanced screening approaches and cutting-edge therapies.