Patient Experience

“This would be almost impossible to try and sort through without them. They’re giving us insight into the issues of elder healthcare. We’re lucky that we have people to help us.”
Instead of ringing the bell by herself, Robyn invited Jody to join her. After all, if it weren’t for Jody’s advice, support and guidance, Robyn’s journey might have been very different.
“Right from the moment you walk in, you’re a little panicky, but from the security person to the receptionist to all the onboarding, every person treated me with dignity,”  she says.
“It’s a matter of how you occupy your day. How do you occupy your life? You get up, you make breakfast, you get dressed. What are the things you do during the day? That’s what we focus on.”
“I was feeling fine when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Had I not gotten my annual mammogram, the breast cancer could have possibly spread. Early detection is key. Invest in yourself and in your health,” Sharon says. 
“The reason I ride is because I want the accessibility of Roswell Park to be there for everybody.”
“Taking a hands-on approach to lymphedema management and consistently updating the patient on their plan of care represents the gold standard of care."
"I knew once I graduated that Roswell Park was where I wanted to be.”
Regardless of whether additional booster doses will be needed later, the benefits of having the vaccine provided some immediate rewards.
“It’s another component of creating the safest environment we can for our patients to receive care,” says Shirley Johnson, MBA, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Operations Officer at Roswell Park.
“I looked Dr. Hennon straight in the eyes, shook his hand, and told him that I have never lost and I have never quit. I don’t plan on starting now. Roswell may have been my last hope, but I had hope."
After meeting with that doctor for what he thought might be an ulcer, Mark was diagnosed with duodenal cancer, a rare type of cancer of the small intestine or bowel.