Roswell Park Care Centers

Many cancer patients agree that one of the greatest advantages of having their treatment administered at Roswell Park is that our multidisciplinary approach to care is focused on one thing and one thing only — cancer. That means you can rest assured that the research, leading-edge treatments, clinical trials and prevention measures we integrate into treating our patients are all designed to bring positive outcomes to the forefront no matter what type of cancer they have.

Roswell Park is a leading national center for educating generations of cancer scientists, clinicians and health care providers of many kinds, not only physicians and bench researchers, but nurses, laboratory and medical care technologists.  We develop new cancer therapies and new cancer-fighting technologies. We are a center that establishes new standards in patient care and discern new care pathways. These attributes will contribute to our most important, and in fact, our only mission − to cure cancer in more and more patients and to reduce suffering for all patients and their families.