Post-doctoral and Research Scholar Training

Job Title Department
1/1/18 Post-doctoral Position in Urology Urology
1/3/18 Post-doctoral Position in Cancer Genetics & Genomics Cancer Genetics and Genomics
2/12/18 Post-doctoral Research Affiliate in Urology Urology
Post-Doctoral Fellow Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Division of Cardio-oncology Research
Post-doctoral Position – MIND MAPS Project – ATLAS (Applied Technology Laboratory for Advanced Surgery) Urology
Post-doctoral Research Affiliate Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics
Post-doctoral Research Affiliate in Experimental Therapeutics and Translational Research (Fenghzi Li lab) Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Post-doctoral Research Affiliate in Tumor Biology Surgical Oncology
Post-doctoral Research Affiliate- Bioinformatics Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Postdoctoral Fellowship position Immunology (Tumor Immunology)
Postdoctoral Position in Breast Cancer Research (5/7/18) Molecular and Cellular Biology
Postdoctoral position in Molecular Epidemiology with Dr. Li Tang At Roswell Park Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention and Control
Postdoctoral position – Center for Immunotherapy (7/16/18)
Postdoctoral Positions in Pancreatic Cancer Research (5/7/18) - Center for Personalized Medicine
Postdoctoral Postion in Bioinformatics (5/7/18) - Center for Personalized Medicine
Post‐doctoral Research Affiliate Prostate cancer biology Cancer Genetics
Research Affiliate (Post-doctoral) Cancer Genetics
Translational Glycomics Postdoc Training Program Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology